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Technology moves fast these days. Not so long ago we didn't use terms like App, iOS or iPad; today they are ubiquitous.

The pace of change makes it impossible for production companies or IT departments to keep abreast of the changes; you simply can't train or hire staff quickly enough.

That's where developers like Games Faction can step in. By using all of our games development experience, technology and principles, we can deliver applications that other iOS developers wouldn't dream of.

With over 30 years of combined development experience, building bespoke technology and designing products that connect with users in a meaningful way, we're able to help you meet the needs of your client or brand.

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We currently develop for the following platforms:

  • iPod
  • iPhone
  • iPad

If you have project we could help you with contact us here.

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Since commencing our client services in 2009, we've worked with a number of International and UK-based companies to deliver digital projects on time and to the highest standard. Here are a few from the past year.

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Here are some case studies of recent client work, intended to provide a better view of what we do and how we achieve it. Click on the image below to start.

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